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Event: May 7, 2019 Educational Workshop - Oracle Database Performance & Optimizer

Come and spend a day with Vlado Barun and learn from one of the leaders on Oracle's Real-World Performance Team.

The focus for the day will be on truly understanding on how the database should be, or rather is designed to be, used. Proper use can result in orders of magnitude of performance gains, think 10X, 100X and sometimes 1000X faster. The format of the training day will be a mix of presentations, interactive discussions and demos that show the performance gains. This training is targeted for an intermediate/advanced audience that likes to be challenged and is interested in getting the best possible performance out of their system.

Who we are
The Real-World Performance Team is part of the Oracle Database Development organization and focuses on achieving the maximum performance from the Oracle Database and hardware in the real world.
We do this by identifying inefficiencies in current systems and applying modern database design and tuning techniques.

Over the years we have developed the Real-World Performance methodology, which uses diagnostics to articulate the problem using numbers, aiming for a solution that achieves exceptional performance using the best available tools.

Our Methods
Whenever we look at a performance problem, we follow a few simple principles:
1. Use the database as it was designed to be used
2. Employ numerical and logical debugging techniques using the appropriate database diagnostics tools for the problem
3. The entire system is within scope, from applications to algorithms to database
4. Avoid and eliminate "tuning" by hacking/guessing/luck to understand root cause of the problem before implementing the solution

Agenda for May 7, 2019
8:00am 9:00am Registration Check-in / Continental Breakfast

9:00am 12:30pm Morning Session
Core Oracle Database Performance Fundamentals
- Database Computer Science Basics
- Application Algorithms
- Connection Pools
- Database / Middleware Interaction

12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm - 5:00pm Afternoon Session
The Optimizer
- SQL and the Optimizer
- Optimization Strategies
- Why is my SQL slow?

Oracle Campus - Denver Tech Center
7604 E. Technology Way
Denver, CO



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