Musings on life in Ethiopia for a middle aged IT professional...or "Dilbert goes to Africa"

I will be working on a major upgrade to the Budget and Expenditures application for the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance during most of 2009 (I have been in Ethiopia since October, 2008). What follows are some somewhat random thoughts about life on a new continent.

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The Great Ethiopian Run, Take Two

I have now been here long enough to do things twice...Yow! One of those events is the The Great Ethiopian Run - billed as the largest road race in Africa. Last year I just watched and took pictures. This year, after hanging around with well conditioned young people for the last year, something possessed me to try to run.

Now, I'm in reasonably good shape for an old guy. I have climbed 35 of the 54 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado but I'm not a runner. Climbing mountains in Colorado is about the mountain, the weather, and enjoying being outside. In a big, organized running race you are trying to beat several thousand of your closest friends from point A to point B. A somewhat different thing physically and mentally.

Anyway, I signed up, paid my entry fee, and got a neat green t-shirt along with something like 33,000 other folks. So my very first road race was 10 kilometers long at 7,000 feet above sea level. (You would think I could go for something simpler to start out.) It was quite an experience. (The weather was pretty warm so I wish I had taken more water along but I felt like I did pretty well.)

Rather than blather on further I hereby present some pictures to document the event...

After running for about five minutes I made it to the starting line:

If you look in the center of this picture you can see the road full of green shirts about as far as you can see. This was about at the one kilometer mark:

A fancy balloon arch at the half way point:

9K! Almost to the end:

Well, I finished in a sort of decent time (but we won't go into those details) and I got a great medal with a lion on it. (It will end up sitting with my various awards and such on a shelf in my office.)

Not sure if I will do this running race thing again. We'll see after my legs recover.


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