Our Software Products Division offers off-the-shelf solutions that can used as-is or customized to meet local requirements.
  • Predictor: Pharmaceutial or chemical product stability testing and laboratory management.
  • Marian: Web-based code/documentation librarian.
  • Performance Management Online: Employee performance review management and support for technical organizations
  • IssueTrack: Web-based project issue tracking application.
  • Inspector: Software inspection management and reporting for Software Engineering organizations.
  • Database Analysis Tool (DAT): Web-based database object and administration information display tool.
  • ImageTrack: Web-based image management system.

Our Application Service Provider (ASP) Division offers hosted applications to that can used with just a web browser from any location in the world.
  • Resource Reservation Tool: Share resource or conference room reservations.
  • Ask!: Survey/evaluation definition and processing tool
  • EventTrack: Web-based event reminder application.
  • SiteTrack: Web-based web site definition and maintenance application.
  • DocumentTrack: Web-based document management system.
  • Conference Administration Tool (CAAT): Technical conference abstract submission and selection, conference registration, and conference evaluation application.

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