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...and Thus Your Forms 'Automagically' Disappeared -
Uploaded on August 01, 2011
This session is A Forms Modernization Story Featuring JHeadstart Forms2ADF. It talks about considerations to make when you are about to decide whether or not to leave Forms and go for ADF. You will see the process of conversion step by step starting with the business case and ending at the new ADF application. You will hear about issues you run into when using Forms2ADF for automated conversion and you will get hints on how to use Forms2ADF.
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ADF DVT - A Picture Paints a Thousand Words -
Uploaded on July 27, 2011
People these days are used to graphical and interactive user interfaces. They really want (and need) their data to be displayed in fancy dashboards so they have instant insight in their business. This session is all about clarifying data by means of ADF Data Visualization Components. Based on a fictional dot com company, you will learn how to present your data in a different way and recognize when and how to use DVT components for data analysis. From pretty straightforward usage of gauges, graphs, and maps, to more sophisticated features like time selectors, drill down functionality, data manipulation in DVT, and real time update via server push. And finally, this will all come together in a fancy interactive dashboard.
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ADF Developers - Make the Database Work for You -
Uploaded on August 10, 2011
Most ADF applications interact with an (Oracle) RDBMS. It has been proven many times over that it really pays off to strike a good balance between ADF and Database - exploring which tool is best suited for which job and how the two can optimally leverage each other. This session discusses the various points of interaction between database and ADF and when to use which - for example Cursors, Types and Collections, XML as well as interaction via HTTP. The session will focus on ADF BC but will mention JPA and plain JDBC as well. It also highlights some special database features - hierarchical query, flashback, result cache, View with Instead Of Trigger, Analytical Functions - that ADF applications can leverage or should employ - security, database tracing, cache refresh through DB Query ResultSet Change Notification, constraints, and exception handling. Attendees learn what the database can do for their ADF application. They will be able to make better design decisions about how to implement functionality, which tier(s) to use, and how they can best work together.
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All the Java ADF Beginners Need to Know Part 1 -
Uploaded on August 01, 2011
This is a mini-lesson on Java concepts and syntax, aimed at PL/SQL developers and DBAs who need to know sufficient Java to start building ADF Components with Java.
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All the Java ADF Beginners Need to Know Part 2 -
Uploaded on August 01, 2011
This is a mini-lesson on Java concepts and syntax, aimed at PL/SQL developers and DBAs who need to know sufficient Java to start build ADF Components with Java.
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An Introduction to Application Integration Architecture -
Uploaded on August 10, 2011
This presentation will give you an introduction to the AIA Tooling and how AIA can help you with the development and the governance of your integration projects. This process can be complex, even when you use SOA Suite 11g. For example, you need to think about an Error Hospital, deployment process, testing & emulating services, re-use of services, and develop a Canonical DataModel. With AIA you can benefit from the tooling which Oracle developed on the SOA Suite 11g platform. AIA guides you in this SOA development process. The process starts with defining the business process, and identifying the XML Schemas and WSDL you need to use in your process. Create the necessary Composites with the AIA JDeveloper plugin, generate a deployment plan which can be used to deploy all your Composites, MDS, DataSources, and Resource Adapter Plans. At last, define, emulate, and test your services with the CAVS tool.
Download   1371k 
BPMN: The New Silver Bullet? -
Uploaded on July 29, 2011
Given Oracle BPM Suite is now integrated into SOA Suite via SCA, does this mean BPMN is the new silver bullet in modeling and executing processes? Should developers really be switching from BPEL to BPMN? This session will take delegates through BMPN 2.0 in detail, showing how to model and execute BPMN in Oracle BPM Suite. It will also explain if and when processes should be modeled in Oracle BPA Suite. In addition, the session will discuss guidelines on when to use BPMN vs BPEL. Finally, some pointers are given regarding the granularity of the business process: some of process logic can be defined in ADF task flows, others are better left in the process flow. The session illustrates the different concepts with demos from the Oracle BPA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite.
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Best Practices for Designing and Building the Services of an SOA -
Uploaded on August 01, 2011
This session will present best practices for designing and building the services of an SOA. Different ways of implementing services in different environments and languages are presented and the pros and cons of each approach will be discussed. The session will cover how to ensure service versioning, why contract-first is the preferred approach, and under which circumstances a contract-last approach might be valid and useful.
Download   3659k 
Bridging the Gap Between SOA Suite and the Database -
Uploaded on July 29, 2011
All too often, SOA Suite and databases are perceived as two different worlds. There¿s the realm of the Oracle SOA Suite, where everything revolves around technologies like Web Services, XML, and BPEL. And there's your databases, containing your company's data and business logic in tables, views, and PL/SQL logic. Luckily, the Oracle SOA Suite ships with a powerful set of "Technology Adapters," as well as various other technologies that successfully bridge the gap between SOA Suite components such as BPEL, Mediator and the Oracle Service Bus, and your databases - allowing you to reuse your existing database logic when moving to a Service Oriented Architecture. From the Database Adapter to SDO, and from AQ to Native Database Webservices, this presentation will provide a thorough overview of the techniques and technologies that deliver the data and logic in your database straight into the SOA Suite.
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Building Highly Reusable ADF Taskflows -
Uploaded on August 15, 2011
If well-designed, ADF Task Flows are self-contained reusable UI services, with a clearly defined contract. In this presentation, Steven will explain step-by-step how you can create highly reusable and configurable ADF Task flows. He will explain and demonstrate how to build one taskflow that is used for data entry, for lookup in a popup window, for deeplinking from other taskflows or external sources like e-mail, as a master taskflow as well as a detail taskflow. After this session you will understand how you can dramatically reduce the number of pages and taskflows you need to build in your application.
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