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(Planning OR Essbase) AND FDM) AND ERPi = Success! -
Uploaded on August 03, 2011
This session will explore the capabilities of FDM, and now ERPi, to integrate with other target EPM applications such Essbase (BSO & ASO) and Strategic Finance. Out of the box features such as the ability to execute calc scripts before and after a load as well as leveraging load rules will be showcased. The session will highlight how the introduction of ERPi further expanded the already world class analysis & reporting capabilities of Essbase by adding drill through to transactional detail. This session will conclude with an overview of automation capabilities of FDM, discussion of use cases, and thorough Q
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A Busy Non-IT Guy's Ruminations About Oracle Datamart Reporting -
Uploaded on July 29, 2011
Calix, an industry leader in providing cutting-edge telecommunications equipment and management software, wanted to expand their leadership in the supply chain by more effectively managing both strategic and day-to-day aspects of manufacturing operations. Attend this session and learn how the company moved from a spreadsheet-based, labor-intensive system to a new, state-of-the-art performance management and cost modeling system that combines a number of technologies including an Oracle database, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Essbase, Dodeca, and OBIEE. Also learn how the new system gives Calix the information necessary to make informed decisions quickly and prioritize actions based on business impact, and thus, gives the company a competitive advantage by improving margins in their highly competitive industry.
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Uploaded on August 05, 2011
Smart View is the common EPM and BI add-in for Microsoft Office. It can be used with Oracle Essbase, Oracle BI Server, Planning, Financial Management, Web Analysis, Financial Reporting, and more. Most people think of it as usable only in Excel, but in this session, learn the value of using Smart View in all your Microsoft Office products to manage enterprise performance. Write management books in Word that include Essbase numbers. Make presentations in PowerPoint that contain live graphs from Web Analysis and refreshable data points from Planning and Financial Management. Send your Hyperion Planning numbers to your manager in Microsoft Outlook. Create highly formatted reports with the new 11 Report Designer. And of course, Excel is also there for analysis. Don't miss this presentation that will show you how to use the Office and Hyperion tools you know and love (Excel gurus) to improve business performance.
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Uploaded on July 27, 2011
Profitability analysis is one of the most common Essbase applications for a reason. It's one of the most important things you can do to improve business performance. Profitability analysis doesn't stop at direct costs. You have to allocate indirect costs to calculate fully loaded profit. Allocations are fundamentally multidimensional so Essbase is an ideal place to do allocations and profitability analysis. This session will discuss the objectives of profitability analysis and identify the advantages of using Essbase. The session will describe simple allocations, waterfalls, and reciprocal allocations and present several alternative design structures. The session will present some calculation examples.
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ASO Calc Scripts? Yes, There’s An App for That! -
Uploaded on August 15, 2011
You never thought it would happen, but you finally have calc scripts (well, close enough) for Essbase ASO cubes. In this session, you'll learn how to write a basic ASO calc script, but more importantly, you'll learn why you would ever want to do such a thing. Whether it's currency conversion, budget creation, data copying, or data clearing, you'll learn these and more. In addition, the session will be covering ASO Allocations. Even if you're not on version 11.1.2 of Essbase ASO yet, this session might push you over the brink into upgrading.
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ASO Fundamentals -
Uploaded on August 19, 2011
This session is perfect for new developers trying to get familiar with ASO. Whether you have experience with Block Storage or not, this session is designed to go over the fundamentals of design and architecture of Aggregate Storage type databases, including: -ASO architecture -Best fits for ASO vs BSO currently -Restrictions in ASO -Basics of Outline modeling in ASO -Aggregations and retrievals in ASO -Basics of MDX.
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Advanced Calc Manager Tips and Tricks -
Uploaded on August 10, 2011
Join us for this informative session where we go beyond the basics of Calculation Manager and show you the tips and tricks for using Calculation Manager against Planning and Essbase. We've been working with Calc Manager for over a year now at American Family, using Calculation Manager to write complicated allocation scripts and more. Don't miss this chance to hear our lessons learned that can be applied in your environment.
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Advanced Essbase BSO - When Calc Scripts Attack! -
Uploaded on July 27, 2011
Anyone who has spent time working with Essbase will have experienced the frustration of a calculation script that 'looks just fine', but refuses to produce the correct results. This presentation will address some of the more subtle but perennial problems that catch even experienced developers out. Beginning with a review of the fundamentals of the Essbase calculation process, parallel calculation, various 'mode' options, configuration settings and calculation commands will be discussed in detail. Problems of block creation and calculation order will be addressed, and the pros and cons of various potential solutions evaluated. Attention will be paid throughout to getting code working without sacrificing performance. The objective of the session is for Essbase developers to gain a more thorough understanding of the calculation engine in order to avoid 'classic' real-world pitfalls.
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Advanced Essbase Studio Tips and Tricks -
Uploaded on August 15, 2011
Learn everything about making Essbase Studio work for you. Now that it's 11.1.2, it's (semi)stable!
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Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM -
Uploaded on July 29, 2011
Chris Barbieri, Oracle ACE for HFM presents advanced topics in HFM rules using Calc Manager. This session progresses from the Calc Manager introduction by adding Sub Translate, Dynamic, NoInput, and Consolidate rules, as well as troubleshooting techniques. The session also focuses on writing rules that optimize performance and reduce maintenance.
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