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Design and Development Using MySQL Workbench -
Uploaded on September 02, 2010
In this session learn the skills you need for rapidly designing and developing MySQL databases and applications. Philip Antoniades will teach you how you can streamline your work from initial idea, to design and modeling, scripting, data management, and finally, a running application. Learn how to design and deploy data models, forward and reverse engineer, synchronize databases, automatically generate schema scripts, easily create SQL statements, quickly edit data, leverage code snippets, generate reports, modify server settings, generate DML and DDL, and move SQL into application code. Tags: data modeling, ER design, schema creation, reverse engineering, GUI.
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Everything You Didn't Know About MySQL Replication -
Uploaded on September 07, 2010
MySQL's replication implementation has pros and cons that should be discussed in detail compared to other products such as Oracle. Different features includes the pull model, and read/write access to slaves, the asynchronous and semi-synchronous options. In this session we will discuss how replication works, what it is appropriate for and what it is not, statement vs. row based, common topologies, problems and limitations to watch out for, tools to ensure consistency and tips and tricks for working with MySQL Replication.
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Importing and Exporting Data with MySQL -
Uploaded on September 07, 2010
This session presents several ways to import and export data from and to different file formats with MySQL. The best way to import and export data with MySQL depends on the use case and volume of data. There will be discussion on exporting to a file to use in an import to a different database system (such as Oracle). We will also go through obtaining DML and DDL from the MySQL binary logs (archived redo logs).
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Increasing MySQL productivity from Design to Implementation -
Uploaded on September 07, 2010
What sets apart the every day web developer from the knowledgeable and highly desired developer that can provide a better return on investment (ROI) for their business or organization? This session will provide MySQL development tips, tricks and best practices that elevate your knowledge and use of MySQL from the perspective of a MySQL Expert. In this master class we will touch on many aspects that make an impact for a successful application and minimize additional work or re-work from commonly observed poor development practices. >From architectural design, coding, development practices, testability, debugging, security, application instrumentation, optimal deployment and monitoring we will touch much of the software development lifecycle. This class is all about improving your knowledge and maximizing the strengths of the MySQL product for increasing productivity and increasing ROI the MySQL way.
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Joinfu - The Art of SQL -
Uploaded on September 09, 2010
In this session, Jay Pipes will discuss optimization of MySQL joins. Key points include set-wise problem solving in SQL, working with N:M or “mapping” tables and dealing with AND/OR conditions, understanding Left-join-fu, combating filesorts, handling adjacency lists and nested sets in hierarchical data, and various reporting techniques in calculating running sums, aggregates, and ranking of results.
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MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite -
Uploaded on September 07, 2010
While MySQL is a popular and widely used RDBMS, some default features and settings are very foreign in comparison with other commercial RDBMS products. In this discussion, Ronald Bradford will discuss some of the MySQL defaults including a non-transactional state, silent data truncations, date management, and transaction isolation options. These are all critical for data integrity and consistency. He will cover in-depth topics including SQL_MODE that saves the day. He will also cover character sets and collations and the best practices to ensure your UTF8 is stored and retrieved correctly.
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Navigating MySQL Stored Procedures & Functions, Views and Triggers -
Uploaded on September 07, 2010
MySQL stored routines do not use a pl/sql equivalent; it uses an extended SQL syntax that includes cursors, loops, and error handling. All of the constructs and options for MySQL's stored procedures, stored functions, views and triggers will be discussed including the differences and limitations with Oracle syntax. Tips and tricks such as "how to enable check constraints using views" will be revealed.
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Storage Engines in Review -
Uploaded on September 10, 2010
In this session we will start with a brief history of the storage engine architecture including the advantages and disadvantages of this unique MySQL approach to data storage. We will discuss the primary built-in engines including MyISAM, InnoDB and NDB/Cluster and talk about the specific purposes of other engines including Memory, Archive and why would I ever use the Blackhole engine? There is also a vibrant community of third party engines that use the pluggable storage engine API, and we will discuss what they offer that can provide unique performance improvements and functionality. Also included is information on resources available to write your own storage engine.
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The Five Minute DBA -
Uploaded on September 10, 2010
With shrinking budgets, many developers are being forced to wear multiple hats. One of these hats is often to become a part time MySQL DBA. These super developers only become a DBA for five minutes at a time when a crisis arises. During this session, Matt Yonkovit will give these five minute DBAs the tools and skills to start helping to efficiently find bottlenecks and resolve them. This intro into MySQL database troubleshooting and optimization will walk through, at a high-level, various tools and tricks of the trade (top, iostat, sar, cacti, explain, maatkit, etc), and give examples on how they can be used when it really hits the fan.
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Using MySQL Meta Data Effectively -
Uploaded on September 09, 2010
This presentation discusses what MySQL meta data is available including the 'mysql' meta schema, the INFORMATION_SCHEMA (I_S) tables first introduced in MySQL 5.0 and extended in MySQL 5.1, storage engine specific INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, as well as techniques for writing your own INFORMATION_SCHEMA plug-ins. MySQL also provides a number of SHOW commands that provide easily formatted presentation of MySQL meta data. Dossy Shiobara will also discuss some of the limitations and performance implications of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
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