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Advanced Database Development with Oracle SQL Developer -
Uploaded on July 10, 2007
SQL Developer provides a convenient way to perform basic database tasks. Here we look at some of the activities you might perform, running complex scripts, normalizing data, and remote debugging. Advanced reporting capabilities include graphical displays and master-detail reports. We demonstrate a few existing extensions to SQL Developer and show you how to build and include your own extensions.
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Database Modeling and Design with Oracle SQL Developer -
Uploaded on October 01, 2009
This hands-on lab provides a preview of the latest functionality the Oracle SQL Developer team is working on. Oracle SQL Developer will soon include support for visual database design. In this session, participants learn to create abstract entity relationship diagrams, transform these into logical models, fine-tune the models, and generate the DDL to create the physical structures in Oracle Database 11g. This is a great opportunity to meet the developers, discuss the new functionality, and provide feedback for the release.
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Uploaded on October 22, 2009
The Oracle Database Development Tools group has added a new tool to the product family to augment Oracle SQL Developer and SQL Developer Migrations. The new product, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a graphical tool that provides file-based database modeling and design. Following an early adopters release cycle on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), which started late 2008, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler was made generally available on July 1st 2009. This column briefly introduces the new offering from Oracle, the target audience and provides a high level review of the tool itself.
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Oracle SQL Developer: An Overview and New Feaures -
Uploaded on October 09, 2008
Oracle SQL Developer database developers have a convenient way of performing basic database tasks and managing database objects. The latest release of Oracle SQL Developer includes significant updates to the SQL and PL SQL code editors, by including enhanced formatting and code templates. The Schema Compare has been rewritten for the new release and the Schema Export has been updated to a wizard, facilitating ease of use. Both utilities conclude with reports the user can review. In an addition to these, there is a new schema copy feature. This session will walk through the product and its advantages as a GUI to the Oracle database. For those already familiar with the tool, the new features added to the latest release will be on display, including 11g feature support.
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PL/SQL Development with SQL Developer -
Uploaded on October 01, 2009
Focusing on SQL Developer’s PL/SQL support, we initially look at editing PL/SQL, code templates and snippets, and follow with PL/SQL debugging, with particular reference to debugging remote applications. SQL Developer includes a variety of code formatting features that enhance working on the SQL Worksheet editor or the PL/SQL code editor. The session also reviews a variety of PL/SQL focused features, such as code refactoring and the PL/SQL hierarchical profiler. Finally we'll review PL/SQL-related reports.
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